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As a transgender woman and university academic, I am uniquely qualified to address the lack of transgender and gender variant medical education our healthcare providers have received. My experiences since transitioning and throughout my life have led me to this moment in time. Today, there is a new awareness and recognition of gender diversity on a local, state, and national level. I plan to stand up and direct my efforts to this issue so I can make a difference for this underserved and vulnerable population of patients.

All too often our providers lack the education, training, and comfort needed to care for transgender and gender diverse patients adequately. 


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The time is right for providing programs and services with a focus on transgender healthcare. We know many of the barriers to treating this population arise due to providers who are uninformed, unfamiliar with, or have a personal bias against this community. A solution is to offer new programs designed to train health care workers on caring for the transgender and gender variant patient.

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